Real Estate

Amber Capital Holding believes in long term growth and success, that is why developing assets that will last a century or even longer is one of our main priorities. Real Estate development, renovation of historical properties, sale and lease of residential Real Estate is core part of Amber Capital Holding strategy and success.

Amber Capital Holding is developing Real Estate project using its subsidiary companies for clear cash flow, profit distribution and ease of managing purpose, so that each project financial situation can be evaluated, adjusted and problems solved as fast as possible.


Amber Capital Holding flagship project for 2019. Located in Artilerijas street 52, near recently renovated park Ziedondarzs. More than 25 apartments will be available for customers to buy and rent within 2019. This is a historical building that will be a great addition to fast growing area and provide Riga with one more beautiful, renovated and modern building that fits all the needs of a modern urban professionals and their families. Not only we have thought of all necessities for tenants and new owners, but also we will provide renovated parking spaces and separate sheds for each apartment. A52 is the project that will bring Amber Capital Holdings Real Estate team to new heights.